The Funniest Clown In Logan


Juggling, Magic, Balloons, and Stilts


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Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast



When I was very young I couldn't catch a basket ball if it was thrown to me in a gentile arc. Eventually I was put in special classes to help with dyslexia. The exercises they gave me were a lot of fun and after a year I could juggle with scarves. A few years later a clown came to visit us in high school drama; he taught me basic three ball juggling. I picked up my first set of juggling clubs while wandering around Bath in the UK on my second great backpacking trip. A few days later I was practicing in a park in London when a guy rocks up on a unicycle and teaches me some moves. I kept meeting jugglers over the years to follow, I think juggling was having a bit of a revival in the nineties. For eighteen months I attended the Juggle Art juggle jam in Melbourne. I became obsessed with getting the next trick down packed. I practiced a lot and over time got enough moves for a routine. Today I have an excellent comic balls routine and a basic clubs routine.


Magic is of course a mystery - magicians don't tell you how their magic works; so how does anyone learn the tricks? I have over the years met magicians that have let me in on some of their secrets and I am still learning new tricks. I have a good collection of small illusions that I can carry with me to a show. I come to the party with a suit case full of tricky tricks. A touch of magic - a touch of mystery, Hazo's magic juggling show will be sure to amaze.


Every one loves balloons, young and old alike delight in these bright whimsical bubble creations. Not only do I finish off my kids party act with these balloons or sell them at markets or festivals. But I can teach the method to adults in a couple of hours. A balloon making workshop brings people together for a fun few hours and is a great skill for anyone who works with children.

Juggling Stilt Clown

This giant juggling clown is the perfect roving character to complement your festival or promotion. I wander around on stilts while juggling three balls, I throw the balls to spectators then get them to throw them back to me and I catch them into a juggle. I am tall enough to give the impression of a giant clown but no so tall I can't fit through door ways.


Sometimes it's all about getting the community involved. Workshops bring people together to be a part of the creative process and give something to the community. Over the years I have had the chance to help coordinate a few colorful workshops such as; mobs of clowns, swarms of fairies and a community mural.

Who is this clown anyway?

I have been clowning around since 1998. I could juggle and ride a unicycle, I had been involved in amateur theater for years and "real jobs" just weren't working out for me. I first set out to do kid's parties, I got festivals instead. Festivals were well paid and allot of fun when the work came in. But it was a long time between gigs. Then in 2005 a little circus turned up and asked me to join. Regular work and a life on the road appealed to me; so I was a genuine circus clown for ten years. Now I am settled in Brisbane where I am doing a Liberal Arts Degree at Christian Heritage Collage. You can take the clown out of the show but you can't take the show out of the clown. I feel the need to clown around and am looking forward to seeing what opportunities will come my way in Brisbane.

Life on the Road

I never thought I would end up in the circus. But one day I was walking up the road in the little sea side town where my parents live to buy an iced coffee; when I met an old man with a monkey. The old man asked me "are you this clown I've heard about?" I said "yes I am." He said "Then I want you to be in my little circus." I didn't know anything about circus. I had a lot to learn but I was keen to get on the road, do shows and mix with other performers. Today I have a brilliant collection of circus clown routines and a good idea of what it takes to keep a small show on the road.

Eden Brothers Good Time Circus is run by the unshakeably optimistic John MacDonnell, Australia’s longest serving ring master. After fourteen years traveling around remote parts of Queensland; John is now off the open road and settled in Logan. He has sold his tent and his monkeys and settled down on an acreage in Carbrook. Today we are all set up to do a show at your venue. We have a six meter wide ring fence. In which we put on a show of; goofy clown acts, juggling, magic, whip cracking and animal patting. We can do a stage show or or operate as roving characters for crowds. Eden Brothers will bring the circus to you.

Yagubi Festival

Yagubi Festival was as small three day out door event put on in the sea side town of Hervey Bay. It leant much of it's inspiration from Woodford Folk Festival. Every mothers day weekend a number of tents would be erected to host a diverse range of musicians, performers and artists. I got involved with the street theater and ran clown workshops. Clowns of all ages would come and get dressed up for a stomp around the festival site. It was a frenzy of colorful fun and folly.

Cavenagh Theater

Before taking up clowning I was involved with a theater compony in Darwin. In this photo I was playing "no worries" Morri from the classic Australian play Dimboola. While with Cavenagh Theater I plaid in a number of small roles, provided technical support and performed in theater sports.

School Days

I got my first taste of showmanship with the debating team in high school. After that I jumped at every chance to get up in front of an audience. I was usually a bit shy, but given an audience I came to my own. I found people wanted to hear what I had to say, that I could get laughs, cheers and applause. I signed up for drama class as soon as it became available; which gave me countless chances to perform in public places around Darwin. I joined a youth radio show at the local community radio station where we studied The Goons, Monty Python and Douglas Adams. Then used that as inspiration for our own radio plays.